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Online GDPR Compliance Tool

This complete Compliance Tool essentially ‘holds your hand’ to carry out all implementation activities from a standing start, or acts as a great checking tool for companies who are already down the path towards compliance. It is easy to use and guides you, step by step, through every element of GDPR in a modular format, so you are seen to be compliant in both aspects of GDPR: Data Privacy AND Data Security.

The system also provides all of the policy documents you will require and these can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. The Tool has been made so that any of your staff can use it.

It creates and presents you with simple, easy to follow steps and a task list just for your business, with clear, straightforward instructions you then give your staff to ensure compliance.

The Tool will also provide you with an up to date checklist of things to do, so you can keep on top of progress. Once you have completed one module, you will be compliant in that area, before moving onto the next module.

There is a dashboard that shows your percentage score towards compliance of the ‘current legislation, so when you are 100% this means you are compliant.

The benefit of having DataGuardsman beyond the first year is the system will automatically keep you updated as changes occur with the law moving forwards and ensure you maintain your compliance. 

DataGuardsman are so confident in what it produces for you, after you implement it, they will pay any fine the Information Commissioner imposes if it was not right up to £250,000.

All your business risk around cyber security, personal data and GDPR in one annual package:

Simply; Every employee will have their own personal login to access the courses. They can access these via any device. Monthly reporting and automatic reminders will allow you to keep track of your employee’s progress. Peritus will add further courses as part of your subscription with us over the coming months.