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The Peritus Story

Our purpose is to empower people to progress in their careers and lives through challenging online learning. Entering our 5th year of business Peritus is fast becoming a recognised name for providing world-class learning, technology and advice to many organisations nationally and globally.

First and foremost Peritus is an expert learning and development business, therefore we have the enviable track record of a highly qualified and commercially minded team who have designed a range of unique online products to mitigate risk and overall support your business growth journey.

We recognise that quality online learning platforms (LMS), and their content, are often the provision of the multinationals, the PLCs and the mega-brands alone. The world of e-learning is often ill-equipped and misunderstood by the vast majority of Small to Medium sized businesses. We have heard businesses asking:

  • What exactly is e-learning and how could I use an online learning platform (LMS) in my business?
  • Is e-learning and an LMS relevant to a business like ours?
  • Does e-learning and an LMS really produce results?

We believe in today’s world that high-quality online learning should be available to any business of any type or any size. That’s why we create what we do. All our products are deliberately designed and created by people with decades of experience running SME businesses in the real world.

Executive Team

Steve Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is an award-winning director and forward thinking entrepreneur with several successful UK and international based businesses. Steve has a vast experience of the learning and training sector spanning 20 years working with fast growing businesses across all major sectors.

Steven Hill

Chief Operating Officer

Steven has 15 year’s experience working in high level positions within the learning and development field. Steve has a passion for learning technology and is the driving force behind the development of our innovative products for our customers.

Gareth Thomas

Chief Strategy Officer

Gareth has a strong understanding of developing and implementing Skills Policy, as well as the associated operational delivery challenges, at local, regional and national level. As an Associate Director of Peritus Gareth uses his vast knowledge of the education sector to commercially advise Peritus in its strategic planning activities, driving our growth plans and supporting our customers who operate in the apprenticeship space.

Adam Harris

Chief Technical Officer

Adam is a successful entrepreneur and world-renowned speaker when it comes to technology. A former CEO of the Technology Institute Adam aims to inform, improve and spread the word on how Technology can improve work and play, which is why he oversees our learning technology development to ensure customers receive the best possible solution for their people.

Miles Latham

Associate Director – Marketing and Product Strategy

A product of Christ Church, Oxford, Miles is a serial EVCOM award winning film and video producer. In his armoury, Miles is also a professional script writer, linguist and creative mastermind. Miles oversees the creative output of our content, marketing and business tone to ensure our customers receive products that are easy to understand and maximise their learning experience.

Tim Cabrelli

Associate Director – Communications Strategy

Tim is also a serial EVCOM award winning film and video producer. Specialising in working heavily in the commercial sector, Tim brings a wealth of creative and communication experience. Tim ensures our communication style and strategy is implemented effective across our business and product ranges.

Peter Abrahamson

Chief Financial Officer

Peter is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and has extensive financial and taxation experience. Holding senior roles in a range of large corporates Peter provides financial direction and oversees all financial affairs.

Alex Brucciani

Vice President – North America

An award-winning Managing Director, Alex has over 15 years’ experience of managing and developing people. Alex moved to Canada to develop our business in the North American market and has a very good track record of developing and working in global markets.